mounting vertically

are there any disadvantages to mounting electronics (RC, Breaker) vertically

We mounted the electronics vertically last year. The only disadvantage was that it was really hard to get to all of the components, but that was not due entirely to it being vertical; it was mainly because everything was crammed together. If you can make the layout so that everything is relatively tidy and accessible, and that the RC is visible, there should not be a problem.

We found that when you mount an RC vertically, you are more likely to have PWM cables come detached. (The weight of the wires can pull them down and out.)

Take this into consideration.


This is a big disadvantage, but secure the cables with tywraps. Be sure to include a service loop so you don’t put too much strain on the pin on the RC.
We have mounted our electronics vertically in the past, it all depends on the design and where we can fit stuff.

Last year we mounted our RC vertically, it worked fine…though the rest buttons were at the bottom and kind of a pain to get to. Plus it was hard to wire some of the stuff towards the bottom - though that may have been since it was very close to other componets.

Everything else should be fine…cept I think verticle speed controllers would just suck up more metal scraps. :frowning:

This year the one thing our programmers wanted (well one of the things) was having the RC mounted flat so that it was easier to get to (though we’re extended all of our wires from it - the reset, the prog switches and the tether and program ports).

We were thinking of putting the circuit panel vertically, but it seemed kinda hard to push the breakers in and we were afraid it would have enough support.

Overall it doesn’t matter, just make sure things that need to be visible (i.e. the RC) are and things are easy to get to if need be.