Mounting Viair Compressor

I am assuming that the standard Viair compressor can still be mounted sideways according to these other threads and this FAQ from Viair.

Can the mounting brackets be turned 90° to better facilitate this sideways mounting? Or is this considered modification of the device? What about using your own custom mounting brackets?

Any change to pneumatic components beyond how they come out of the package is generally considered modification. Unless it is specifically called out in the data or instructions for that product.

We have mounted ours sideways and plan to do so again this year. A flat plate works great for this, or any vertical surface. The more solidly mounted, the more the robot shakes, so don’t lose the small isolation bushings that come with those little brass sleeves to keep the noise reasonable. We use a vertical part of our frame when mounting sideways.

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could you link to the mounting brackets?

This is the factory mount that is a part of the compressor. We don’t use a bracket to mount, just our frame

This mounting is nice because it keeps the compressor out of the way.

The Viair 90C manual doesn’t state anything about that plate being a “configurable” part that you can remove and re-mount. So, unfortunately, you probably can’t do it. Your best bet is to bend a piece of sheet metal to make your own 90° mount.

Thanks all we made a 90 degree bracket and I think that will work just fine thanks for all of the suggestions!

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