Mov files

I need to convert an avi to an mov file. How would I go about doing this? I’ve searched google and tried around 10 programs.

Adobe Premier creates MOV. files.

iMovie comes on most recent Macs. It exports nicely to .mov and can import .avis.

Find someone with an iBook on your team. That’s what I did, anyway. All the freeware programs I tried before resorting to this method didn’t export correctly. If anyone knows of any freeware conversion tools, please post, because I’m interested in knowing too.

none of us have macs, or adobe premiere. D:

video post can do it in 3ds max. Choose the file as an input and then choose the output as mov

Because many people do not have Macs and Adobe Premiere, HERE is a link to Adobe’s website where you can download a free 30-day trial and convert your movie, edit your scenes and whatever else that you would like to do. But be careful because the trial only lasts for thirty days.

NOTE: To download the product you must give them a VALID e-mail and some personal information so if you are not willing to do this I would recommend the free trial for Camtasia Studio 2 (located HERE which only requires a valid e-mail address.)