Move java project

This year, our team have changed our programming language from Labview to Java. Last day, I have try to move the code from a computer to another computer. I have zipped the project in the workspace. But when I have open on the other computer, eclipse give me error about missing talonsrxlib.jar ( I have not the exact file name i think, but CTR tool suite is installed).

I retry to import again the project, now the project is not recognized like a robot projet (deploy to robot not show, it show only a standart java application).

My question is, do you have advice or tips for move project ?

Our team made a thing that automatically moves the projects with command line. So you could use something like that

Not sure if this is related, but we have found that a key step to setting up a new Eclipse development system is always include the following step:

After installing or upgrading the Eclipse plugins, create a new WPILib Java Robot Project even if you don’t want to (just delete the newly created project).

I think there is an initialization step performed by the Eclipse plugins the first time you create a robot project that is not done if you just copy source files from another system or download from github.

Thanks, that appear that help.