Move Labeview to a New laptop

Finally dumping the 2GoPC. Looking for advice on moving Labview to newly purchased laptop (Windows 10) Thanks in advance.

Just re-download it onto the new laptop and move all team-made files/programs needed to your new laptop.

When you move a LabVIEW project, make sure its target path in the settings gets changed to match the new location. Otherwise you will probably get “file permission” errors when you try to build it, which really means it can’t find the original folder that it came from.

Thank you both for your help. Should I be concerned with licensing agreements? Granted its for the same Team but Im not sure if the software license is per team or device.

TO my knowledge you can download it to as many computers as you want. We currently have it on at least 5 different computers without any problems. So I think you should be just fine.

Although someone from NI probably could give you the official answer.

The license is time limited and intended for team use. We ask that you not run a factory, do medical experiments, or control a nuclear reactor.

Putting it on a new team laptop is certainly inbounds.

Greg McKaskle

Guess I have to switch to solar panels…