Moved: FRC 2013 Documentary

Hello CD,
For the season next year I have decided to create a documentary following my team throughout the season and through all competitions. A few other people from teams in my area have expressed interest in doing this as well, so I thought that maybe (assuming enough teams show interest) I could put together a multi-team documentary of teams around the country (or maybe even the world!) please comment below it you are interested, or have any comments or questions.

Jay O’Donnell

While it’s hardly a documentary, The 5AwesomeRobots Project does something similar.

I’d be down documenting my team’s season, kickoff to champs (We will make it to champs in 2013. I know it).

The DiscoBots would be happy to contribute footage to a multi-team documentary. For the last 4 years we have been posting weekly video logs of our build season.

FRC Team 1912 Combustion would be interested. Sounds like a cool project, just let us know the details when you figure them out.

I’m in. :slight_smile:

Although I cannot speak for the rest of my team, I already had the plan to create a documentary next year for team 177.

Lets do this.

Ok so for those of you who have already expressed interest in this project, or for those of you who are undecided about it, this is what I’m looking for from a team.

Pre-Season: Interviews from some members of your team about FIRST, their respective teams, what they are looking forward to, etc. Just a basic outline of themselves and their team before the season.

Kick-off: A video of your teams reaction to the new game, and initial brainstorming (Don’t worry, I won’t be stealing your ideas.)

Build Season: Throughout the build shoot videos of your team planning, designing, building, coding, strategizing, etc. Try to also get some student/Mentor interviews.

Competitions: Try to get videos of your robot during matches, an insiders look at the pits and scouting, and interviews of students during the action.

Post Competition: Final thoughts from your team on the season and how they thought it went.

Try to get both interviews and in the action shots, I feel like a balance of both will make it more interesting.

I know this is a lot to ask for, but i think this will be a great end product in the long run. Please ask any questions or share any ideas you have!

Jay O’Donnell

P.S. I haven’t yet decided what system I’ll use to collect videos from everyone, but I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve decided.

Sounds easy enough. I’m in.

Can those of you who are already planning on doing this try to spread the word to friends you might have on other teams? It would be a big help and the more the better!

I would be interested in doing this. I’ll have to get my video camera working :smiley:

I believe it is time to start thinking about pre-season documentaries, so here is what to think about:

Interviews with veterans: ask them what FIRST has done for them and what they have learned, what they hope to do this upcoming year, memories from past years, stuff about your team etc.

Interviews with rookies: ask them about what they hope to get out of the team and their expectations for the coming year.

Other: show some activities, offseasons, and demos of things your team does in the offseason, this won’t be a major part of the video, but it will be good to show what teams do before the season in preparation.

I’m not saying you need o have a bunch of completed interviews now, just start preparing for them and know what you want your team to do in the video.

Thanks! Jay

I’d love to see this, would be really cool. Talk to Mike Jr., he and some others at least took a ton of footage of our 2009 championships trip, he could give you some tips. Also I assume you would want more raw video and less of a finished product from contributing teams.

I will be attempting to document the next season. If our team gets more people I will document my season as well of the season of nearby teams and the Calgary regional. I also be getting lots of pre-season if you are interested.

That would be fantastic! I’ve heard alot about the new regional you guys are doing and it sounds like a huge step in FIRST Canada, it would be awesome to have it in the documentary!

Before you guys all get up and running on your interviews I suggest watching the videos Paul Lazarus of the GDC has made regarding filming. I know it’s all about the Chairman’s award but his suggestions span multiple types of projects.

If you want someone to critique your film or need advice I can always help out.


Thanks for the link to the video, it was very helpful to me. And any critiques or advice would be greatly appreciated!

The season is kicking up again soon and I would like to start conversation about this soon. I would like to know if there will be one person in charge of creating the final documentary, I would be willing to help and offer 177’s services, we have an entire Mac computer lab dedicated to media (Final cut X, Premire Pro CS6, After effects CS6).