<G22> Direction of Traffic – ROBOTS must proceed around the TRACK in a counter-clockwise direction. Once a ROBOT has CROSSED a LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE, it shall not break the plane of the line by moving in the clockwise direction. A PENALTY will be assigned for each infraction.

There are two ways this rule could be read.

  1. The teams will be penalyzed for going in a clockwise direction at all. Even without breaking the plane.
  2. Once in a quadrant (A section of field defined by the border, a LINE MARKER, and a FINISH LINE) you can move freely within that quadrant regardless of direction as long as you don’t break the plane of the quadrant you just lef.

Any thoughs for which one is right??

Im sure this is already posted somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

General consensus seems to be that the second interpretation is correct. To aid you in your search, try the term “clockwise”. The site search feature is in the orange bar at the top of the page.

this is very interesting now that you have brought this up. i would like to see what other people think. it could have an affect on our strategy for this year.

I agree with option two. You are free to move about in any direction as long as you stay in that quadrant and do not bloclk traffic.

I also believe that it is option 2 because if a robot has to back up to avoid a jam or for some reason, technically they would be moving in a clockwise direction. I think that you’re fine if you don’t break the plane.