Moving out of the Goalie Zone in Autonomous

Hello! Our team is planning to have our robot start in the goalie zone in autonomous, score in the 1 point goal, and then move into our own zone for the 5 mobility points. The thing is, I think I’ve read a rule which says that if you start in the goalie zone in autonomous, you have to stay there during the entire autonomous period. Could someone please confirm this? Thanks!

Rule G15

During AUTO,
A. a ROBOT starting in the white ZONE may not cross fully beyond the TRUSS
B. a ROBOT starting in its GOALIE ZONE must remain in contact with the carpet in its GOALIE ZONE.
Violation: FOUL. If contact with an opponent ROBOT, TECHNICAL FOUL.

You may want to review the rules again. If you start in the goalie zone, you are on the opposite side of the field from the goals you need to score into. You also don’t have a ball.