Moving Part Arm

We have a moving part arm that shoots the robot.
Do we have to shield the arm (moving part) so people and other robots dont get hurt from it?


Shoots the robot??? Powerful arm there!:yikes:

If you have any doubt, shield it. I’d put a shield on even if you are sure you don’t have to.

Read Team Updates #5 and 6 carefully. FIRST has placed a lot of information on “shooters” in there. Some of the warnings that come to mind.

  1. Yellow and Black striped warning tape at all high speed pinch points.
  2. Shooter “Release Safety Officer” to guard the team members and public around an active “shooter”.
  3. No test firing of “shooters” in the team’s pit area. A testing area will hopefully be set up at each competition.

FIRST is obviously very nervous about the safety of shooting robots. I’d strongly suggest that your team install guarding and anything else you can think of to make it safe. “Shooter’s” will be under the FIRST microscope this year. :wink: