Moving smilies (order of smilies)

Am I going nuts or do the smilies sometimes change location in that little box next to where you type a post? If I am still sane, why do they change order?

(After trying to figure out what you were talking about, and switching to “Standard” mode, instead of “Enhanced”) I found the smiles box, and don’t see them moving around after a few refreshes.

Looking at the code, they’re ordered by a ‘displayorder’ column that is set in the admin interface … so they should be the same order since I haven’t changed them lately.

I have noticed the same thing, smilies moving, but thought that it was a feature.

Isn’t every “bug” in the programming world really just another feature? :yikes:

It’s good to hear I’m not nuts. See, it was really scaring me because I’d go to click one and sometimes it would be there where it was last time and aother times it would be in a new place. It seems totally random. Like right now this one :slight_smile: is in the top left and last night it was in the bottom left. Some others have moved as well.

Not unless it’s documented. :wink:

What browser are you guys using? And (to make sure) what editor mode are you running (Basic, Standard, Enhanced)?