Mozilla / FireFox Search Plugins

Dave Scheck from WildStang (#111) has written up a few search plugins for the Mozilla and Mozilla FireFox browsers. You can find them over on the Extras page (linked from ‘quick links’ in the upper menu). Clicking the link will install the search plugin into your search box in the upper right corner of the browser (where the Google, Yahoo, EBay, and other standard searches are)

You can search by keyword or by author.

Thanks Dave!

EDIT Two more plugins are available.

I just installed this–it’s the real deal.

So I guess this is the first time we can tell Dave “That’s Pimp” instead of the other way around? :smiley:

sweet now i can overload CD much more efficiently…

The search restrictions are still in effect. You can only do on search every X seconds. (where X is the number I set but can’t recall off the top of my head, currently)

I’ve been on a mozilla plugin binge as of late. I’ve downloaded ten search plugins and then I downloaded five plugins related to webdesign.

Currently, that number is six. (During the season, that number was 25.)

I’m surprised–I would’ve expected 4.7.

Don’t give him any ideas :wink:

I’m glad that there are at least a few of you that have tried the search plugins and liked them. If you have suggestions for others, let me know, they’re suprisingly easy to make.

Dave sent in two more:
Search for Username
Search for Team Member (by team#)