MPEG-4 streaming camera to roborio



We are trying to use a type of camera that is new to us this year. The camera is a megapixel USB camera with 170 degree lens. The model number is ELP-USBFHD06H and here is a link to the spec sheet: Camera specs

We were wondering if this camera is compatible with the roborio and if we could use it for the upcoming season. If so, how can we get it to work? We currently can not receive any footage when we plug it into our roborio (we are using labview).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I know these work with the RIO, we are using one for testing at the moment. However we are using java, so I can’t help too much with the LV side of things.


Labview supports mjpeg and but not h264, I believe. The camera supports both.


I haven’t used that camera but it’s nice to know from Sky_Captain that it should work. Any USB camera requires you to have certain code running on the roboRIO for it to work. What code are you currently running? Perhaps just to put us on the same page, create a brand new roboRIO project and deploy it. Make sure you had your camera plugged into the roboRIO before turning on the robot. Make sure the Driver Station is connected to the robot. Select your camera from the drop-down menu on the dashboard below the video area on the dashboard. Do you get video? If not, do you have one of the other USB cameras that are popular with FRC to test with?


Okay! Do you know if we can still use this camera with Labview or will we need to order a new one?


I don’t know for sure that you can use that camera in FRC but Sky_Captain seams to think it should work when setup correctly. The camera’s ability to output h264 shouldn’t be a problem. Please answer my question from before. And did you try any of my suggestions? If so, which ones? What happened? Also, pay attention to the error messages section on the driver station, are there any errors? If so, what are they?


The code that we are running is Labview and we created a brand new roboRIO project just for the camera. The new megapixel USB camera with 170 degree lens still does not work however, our Microsoft Lifecam hd-3000 (that we have used in previous years) works using that code. We also have been careful to plug the cameras in prior to turning the robot on. We do not receive video from the new camera but do from the old.


When we open up the dashboard and select the new camera, it is on a repetitive loop that first says “connecting to roboRIO” then “waiting for network table connection to robot” then “IMAQdxStream.mjpeg”

Again, the other camera does not have any issue opening up and displaying live footage.


I think there is a site you can look at in a web browser to see the video feed but I don’t remember what the web address is at the moment. Maybe someone else knows?

Try plugging the new camera into a PC and make sure it is actually working.

I assume you’re not trying to use both cameras on the roboRIO at the same time.


yeah, we aren’t trying to use both cameras at the same time. We also did try the camera when it was connected to the computer and it did work and we were able to see the footage on our screen.


@oscarfonloz has posted the camera testing project that NI uses (and now we can) to automatically test the compatibility of various modes of new camera models with the roboRIO’s Linux video drivers.