MplaB 5.70 won't install

Hi everyone,
I am using a PIC 16f876 in a small project of mine and I have only just got around to fixing my PC and installing winXP.
However, when I try and install MPlab 5.7 (ver 6 doesn’t support it) it comes up with a “16 bit windows subsystem” error referring to the system file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT, and says that this file is not suitable for running ms-dos and microsoft windows apps, I can either close or ignore but either shuts it down.

I’m no fool, but I am not sure how to fix this error. Is it a WinXP error?

p.s I have read related threads, but they do not really help… :confused:

I have also found this with one or two other programs that would not install when I tried to run them.

I should also mention that I have tried editing the virtual device driver entry in the registry as mentioned elsewhere, but no luck.

/ Hmm, can’t edit message/

Well don’t panic everyone. as it turns out, I got sorted out in the end. I just had to modify the usual ms-dos guilty files in Windows/system32 folder. Here is a link that may help anyone who is interested:
Hmm, interesting…

I’m interested, but that link doesn’t work. It says “Your email message has been idle and this link has become inactive. To access the link, close this window and return to your Message. Then click the browser’s Refresh button or close your message and reopen it.”

Here’s the fixed-up url:

Thanks for the link. I had a similar problem while attempting to get MySQL to install. I eventually just gave up and did a manual, but if this ever comes up again… :slight_smile:

The latest link above also doesn’t work. Oh well. Any hope of retrieving it?