MPlab giving problems?(or it's us?)

Hi, rookie team #2230. New to MPLab.
Everything was installed properlly.
We’re trying to open some of Kevin’s workspaces, but we get the following error:
“No message error is avaiable.”
And then nothing happens.

Soo much for a no message error. :mad:

What’s the problem?

Wow… hard to tell. I haven’t seen that one before.

Does it happen right when you open the file, or when you try to compile/build?

Try this to open the project:

  1. Unzip the cotents of the zip file in a folder near the root (like C:\first\kevin) – MPLAB has a limit on the number of characters in the path to your project. I’ve also heard people say you should not have spaces in the path
  2. Open MPLAB
  3. Go to Project (not File) > Open …
  4. browse to the location of the project and open the .mcp file

Did this help?

David A.

Already fixed. Only problem is with the proggraming itself. I posted it it in another post.