mplab iso

hello i was wondering if anyone could provide me with mplab iso. the copy i got from a team member seems to be a pbasic stamp editor which isnt going to help.
i would be really happy if someone could do this for me.

This is going in the same direction as this thread.

So to sum it up, it is illegal to do this for any purpose. MPLAB is also free at I believe the website is. The only real purpose of the CD is to install CBOT (which is a compiler ment for the robot). Distributing the CBOT file(s) is illegal, since MicroChip requires you to pay for it on their site (which I believe FIRST already did when they gave it to us last year).

My suggestion is to find the CD from the previous member(s) who have had the CD, and go that way. This way you won’t be doing anything illegal.

i cant get into contact to the only member of the team that i know has it. and i think theat the one that came with the kit is missing.

Like Raven_Writer said, it is illegal for us to distribute it, especially without any way of verifying that you really should have it.

You do have a lot of options though.

Talk to your mentors/teachers. They should be able to help you track it down much better then you can on your own.

Use the demo version. MPLAB is a free download, and the C18 compiler has a 60-day trial version availible to download. 60 days from today is the end of november, with only a month or so until kickoff. If you plan it right, you could make full use of the demo, and not end up with much downtime.

Buy it. As said above, MPLAB is free. The C18 compiler is $495 from microchip. Or, you can buy the C-BOT version from Innovation FIRST for $49.95.

To write code for the robot, you need two things:
*C18 compiler

The full version of MPLAB is free and available from the microchip website. There is also a fully functional demo of C18 available. My advice would just be to use the demo until the start of the next season. I believe that the only limitation on the demo is a time limitation. When it expires, just download a new one.

In order for this to work, you’d also have to edit the registry I believe (since I do believe that MPLAB writes info like this in the registry in a few spots…not sure though).

Please note I’m not endorsing any actions, just giving more information on how to do something of this sort.

well im gona use the demo untill the season starts.

when i installed mplab 6.60 it installed usb drivers. is mplab going to be teh program we have to use next year.


i just found a simulator mode in mplab. so i answerd my queston from a coupel weeks ago

MPLAB was supplied to us last year, and I assume it will be again this year, but you aren’t required to use it. It is perfectly possible to make the program in Visual Studio or a freeware editor from the web and then run the compiler from the command line.

how would one compile the program from the command line?

I dunno if someone already helped you with this, but here’s the basic run down:

Open up a command prompt, goto the directory the CBOT compiler is found at, type in the the filename (say, “compiler.exe”). it should get you a bunch of switches (commands) you can use. go by that.

If you want to see what folders and files are in a directory, just type “dir” in the command prompt (w/o the quotes).

I dunno if this was already stated, but you could also just buy the compiler even though it is a lot. Maybe they’ll discout it for you if you can prove to them that you are a part of FIRST.

im going to ask our engineer if he knows where mplab/cbot is. if we cant find it im gong to be stuck with the demo

You’ll get a new copy of the installation CD when the Robovation ships this Fall after FIRST gets your Team deposit. Just keep an eye out for it. The box has a tendency to sit on someone’s desk at school because they don’t know what it is. You shouldn’t have to wait for the kickoff in January.

Has there been an indication that veteran teams will be getting robovation kits this year? I haven’t seen anything explicit either way, but this makes me think only rookie teams will get it:

Develop new program learning materials, such as the FIRST Robovation Initiative that includes a prototyping kit for all FIRST Robotics Competition rookie teams.

If veteran teams do get a robovation kit, that would be ideal, as he would be able to use the demo now, and should get the kit before the demo runs out.

Last year veteran teams did not get the EDU kit, but they did receive the EDU controller and the IDE/compiler CD. I assume veterans will not receive the Robovation kit this year either in keeping with your quoted reference, but there is still hope for a controller and the CD.

It would be an obvious cost-cutting measure to not send the Robovation controller to teams that received them last year if it’s identical to the 2004 controller.

It’s a ray of hope for Dillon, but not as Joe implies, guaranteed.

YAY my our engennire found our copy of the install files. so now i can continue on programming the robot.