MPLAB on Windows XP

I have tried to install MPLAB on several windows XP computers, and have had no luck. One was XP Home SP2, the other XP Home SP1. Both installations hung while installing the IDE, but seemingly after the installation part was done. I terminated that process to get the installation to continue, and everything seemed to go smooth. But then when I have rebooted and try to run MPLAB IDE, the splash image comes up and the process terminates. No error or anything, just the splash image and then it goes away. The MPASMWIN and IFI_Loader both run fine, but that’s kind of useless without the IDE.

It’s my understanding that this was a common problem last year, but my searches didn’t turn up any threads.

I tried running MPLAB IDE using windows XP’s compatibility modes, but even when I tell it to run it in Windows 98 mode it doesn’t work (in fact, now it produces a “this program has ended unexpectedly, do you want to tell Microsoft?” message.)

Anyone know what to do?


Try reinstalling MPLAB again on the computer and you should be OK. I’m not sure why but the second install seemed to work for me last time I did it.

That happen to me too, and I could not figure out what exactly happen. I ended up re-installing XP altogether. I suggest(at your own risk) removing any other unused system variables, because that solved my problem once. I also highly recommend NOT using XP Home. XP Pro works better and gives you more options.

I was advocating reinstalling MPLAB not XP. I am running XP Home SP2 and have had no problems with MPLAB.

It should work regularly without changing anything
I have XP and I run it perfectly

I installed it on my laptop, it hung for a good 5 minutes before getting anywhere, but it worked. You just have to let it sit for a while. It’s a horrible program in so many ways, I absolutely hate it as an IDE, but it works, and I’m really too lazy to write my own (or figure out how to use Emacs to compile it all, even though I doubt it’s too hard).

Why Emacs? There’s hundreds of free IDEs/editors. (I currently use ConTEXT).

Why ConTEXT? I mentioned a program I know and that I’ve used for similar projects. Who cares what IDE you use or how you use it? It’s a pointless argument, just drop it, unless you’d like to do an entirely objective review of everyone free IDE to find out which one is the absolute best, and I doubt you’ll have time to do that before kickoff.

It’s not hanging, it’s gone. The process is terminated.

I’ll try re-installing it.

I installed MPLAB 7 on WinXP Home Sp1 and it works fine… What Version are you trying to install?

If you dont have it installed yet I had the same problem using XP SP2. Reboot the computer close everything that opens on startup then install, if it gets hung up after installing IDE then let it sit for like 5 minutes thats what i had to do at our lab and it ended up installing fine.

to one of the things i her heard was that sp2 is not compatible with many programs, and if you can avoid installing it, don’t install it. at least until microsoft gets another update on it.

This is exactly what I did. It finally worked! I just didn’t wait before when the installer did nothing (0% processor use) for three or four minutes, so I assumed it was not doing anything anymore.

Now I have a whole NEW MPLAB to install anway! :rolleyes:

Also, SP2 is pretty nice on my laptop for its wireless features, making it a lot easier to use when traveling.