Mplab output window gone

Mplab will not open the output window. It is checked under the view tab, but is no where to be found. I have reinstall, restarted, and even applied the build patch, and it is still gone. I have tried creating a new workspace, no change. I am using Windows Vista, and Mplab v8.0 with C18 v3.15. The problem first started when I tried to use Kevin’s 08 sensor code. Thank you for any help you can provide. I apologize if there is already a thread on this topic, I couldn’t find it.

I don’t know if this will help, but is there a scroll bar on the right side of the IDE. I have been caught by this with some of Kevin’s code, he must develop on a large monitor. Expand MPLAB to full size, and see if the Output has been scrolled out of sight.

Uncheck it in the views window, and then check it again. This happens every once in a while.

Thank you, I feel like such an idiot…

aggrevating problem indeed…