I have no idea what I am doing and would be eternally greatful if anyone could help me.

We all might love to help you, but you have to explain the problem more then just HELP!!!

  • Eric Lynema, Team 107 Programer


  1. Install MPLAB IDE from the disc
    Select “no” to any of the view driver…” questions.
    “Yes” to restart the computer.
  2. Install MPLAB C18 Compiler.
    Use the default directory, you’ll go through “select installation directory”, “select components”, then,
    in “select configuration options”… SELECT ALL 6 OPTIONS
  3. Install Innovation First Loader (NOTE: When “IFI loader setup” comes up you have to click the funny picture to continue…)
  4. download FRC CODE from
  5. unzip all the files to a known directory close to C:… Like C:\FR_Code (just for example.)( There’s a reason for this… there’s a limit on the number of characters in a file name so the closer to C:\ the better)
  6. Start MPLAB. At the top, select “File”, “Open Work Space” and then browse to C:\Frc_Code (Or where ever you downloaded in Step 4) ( It may be under directory Frc_Code_2007_8722) but find FrcCode.mcw
  7. This will bring up a workspace with all the necessary files.
  8. you can open any file and modify it if you want but just for test purposes, first:
  9. select At the top… “Project” and then “Build All”
  10. You should get a lot of messages without any errors.
  11. Start IFI Loader.
  12. Browse to C:\FRC_ Code \FrcCode_2007_8722\FrcCode.hex
  13. Connect the programming cable to the programming port on the RC Controller
  14. Select download

All this reloads the default program back into the RC unit.
To modify the code… start at step 6, modify the code and continue with the rest of the steps.

the default code should give you most of what you need

It will let you drive the robot if you set up the electrical the same way.

If you have a specific question I would be happy to help

When I ried compiling the default code I got two errors:
Error - Coff file format for ‘ifi_library.o’ is out of date.
Error - Could not build member ‘ifi_library.o’ in library file ‘C:\Robots\2008 First programming\FrcCode_2007_8722\FRC_library_8722.lib’.
Errors : 2

Where can I find the current ifi code or library?


What version of MPLAB are you using? you can only use Version 7.20 so you have to load it from the disc you get in the kit. If you downloaded MPLAB 8.0, you’ll have to remove it from the computer and re-install 7.2


I’m with Stringer here. I’ll try using the ROBOTC programs in MPLAB(and the programs are perfect!) and the program receives 45 errors. What’s wrong with it? (Is this what you’re having problems with Stringer?)