MPLAB workspace (HELP!)

I recently updated to MPLAB v8.00, and the C18 v3.10 compiler. I downloaded the 2007 default code.

Now my problem is that when I started up MPLAB, the default untitled workspace came up. I created a new workspace for my project, gave it a title, and a location to save it.

I then copied and added all the files in the default code folder to my project. Most of it worked fine, but the .c files were not added into the source section. The header files were properly added, but not the source(.c) They were instead placed in the “other files” section.

When I compile it says “NO SOURCE FILES: BUILD FAILED!” or something like that. Why is it doing this and how can I put the source files back into the source section?

EDIT: I have a new problem. I managed to add the .c files to the source section by changing the filter for the source section from *.asm to *.c. But now when i try to compile it. it says

“Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.
Clean: Done.
Skipping file. There is no tool to process the file with the given suffix.
Halting build on first failure as requested.
BUILD FAILED: Sat Jan 12 11:14:15 2008”

Now I’m just confused. I never had these problems last year, so I’m just lost.

EDIT:NEW PROBLEM! After redownloading, I used the workspace found inthe default code and everything came up. I then “made” the code and I came up with a series of errors such as

“Error - Coff file format for ‘ifi_library.o’ is out of date.
Error - Could not build member ‘ifi_library.o’ in library file ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.FIRST_LAPTOP_3\My Documents\Programming Code 2008\FRC 2008 Code v1\FRC_library_8722.lib’.”

Once again, I am using the most recent code, so I’m at a loss.

Hmmm… Too weird. Perhaps MPLAB doesn’t know you have a c compiler installed and doesn’t know what to do with a file with a .c extension? Try right-clicking on the source file icon and manually add the files.


Yep, I have the same problem as well…

Yeah, I had that problem recently too. I just copied and pasted my .c file text and saved it as a .asm file. The compiler reads this and tries to build it. My problem is that it shows 94 (!) errors, even though I’m using a C source code! (If you’re using the 2007 source code then the same will happen to you too.)

yea, I am of course using 2007 code. As far as I know there is no 2008 code.(yet at least)

I’m gonna try redownloading the code. Start from scratch, and add the .c files individully.

Well, we decided to just try using the workspace/projecc that comes with the default code, but when compiling that the build fails with:

error - Coff file format for ‘ifi_library.o’ is out of date
error - Coud not find member ‘ifi_library.o’ in library file ‘C:\filepathToProject\FRC_library_8722.lib’

I’m not sure what else can be done to setup a working project space…

Once you have created the new project using “New” you need to choose the ToolSuite to use.

Menu “Project:Select Language Toolsuite…”, brings up a dialog.
Menu “Active Toolsuite:” choose “Microchip C18 Toolsuite”.
All the C files should now be in the “Source Files” list.

You may also need to set the locations of the various tools if you have a non-standard setup (might be easier to reinstall a standard setup if you don’t know what you are doing).

I did what you said AndrewN and it eliminated some of the errors, but I have the same problem as bronxbomber92, it says that my ifi_library.o is out of date.

If worst comes to worst, would someone mind uploading a working project with the default code for MPLAB 3.0?