MRI 2015

October 10 at Roseville High School. Info:

Who’s going to be there and have you made any changes to your robot large enough that I should be concerned. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also volunteer training on October 9th at 5PM! I’ll be assisting with the Robot Inspector presentation. Bison Robotics from NDSU will have 15 people at MRI volunteering! We are also rebuilding our Ri3D robot for a 2016 rookie team to use in the event.

What information do you have on the training? I might come down for it.

Ryan probably knows more than I do. I am not affiliated at all with this event or with MRI, I just wanted to get a discussion going about it.

From Mark’s email blast about it:

Do you want to be a FRC Regional Volunteer?
Admit it, you’ve always wanted to pull on a white shirt (or maybe a yellow hat or referee jersey) and join the crew that helps make the Minnesota FIRST Regionals as successful as they are. At the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, we are offering workshops and training opportunities on Friday evening, October 9, for Event Announcers, Referees, Robot Inspectors and Team Queuers. Training sessions will be run by experienced Key Volunteers, and there will even be a surprise guest Volunteer from FIRST HQ! Email Laurie Shimizu to sign up.

PM me if you need her email address.

Basically, the plan is for the leads for those areas to handle a 1 hour training session Friday evening, then perform hands on training at the event the next day. I’m looking forward to it! The inspection training is going to include a bunch of stuff from LRI Training each January, and I hope it’ll be useful for both veteran and rookies!

FRC 4607 will be there with no changes to our Darth Convaydor (hoping the FMS doesn’t kick is off).

We will also be bringing Milaca (ROOKIE TEAM) and they will be using the Ri3d robot from Greenhorns (Bison Robotics/NDSU).

Oh yeah… My team has been making a ton of changes over the past month or two. Everything that interacts with the totes has changed, and should perform a lot better than it did during the season. The plan now is to load from the landfill.

I have both Laurie and Mark’s email addresses. While I’m content as scorekeeper and am already pretty much confirmed in that position next year I do like to have a wide understanding and wouldn’t mind auditing the Robot inspection session and others.

The sessions are all going to be simultaneous, so you’ll habe to pick just one!. Email Laurie and let her know you’re interested… We’re working on food and need to have an accurate head count.

Looking at the lineup of teams participating it should be a great event.

Well I’ll be at yours then. Apparently I’ll also be behind the FMS on Saturday.

Here is the current team list. The Roseville FireBears are excited to once again put on the Minnesota Robotics Invitational. We look forward to seeing everyone on October 10th!

Team Number Team Name
1816 The Green Machine
2052 KnightKrawlers
2129 Ultraviolet
2175 The Fighting Calculators
2177 The Robettes
2472 Centurions
2491 No Mythic
2498 Bearbotics
2502 Talon Robotics
2526 Crimson Robotics
2530 Inconceivable
2531 RoboHawks
2574 RoboHuskies
2606 Irish Robotics
2667 Knights of the Valley
2823 Automatons
2846 FireBears
2855 BeastBot
3042 Cobalt Catalysts
3081 RoboEagles
3130 East Ridge Robotic Ominous Raptors
3454 The Zbots
3883 Data Bits
4215 Tritons
4239 W.A.R.P.S.P.E.E.D.
4511 Power Amplified
4536 MinuteBots
4607 C.I.S. (The Coalition of Independent Students)
4607 CIS (Milaca Rookie Team)
4624 Rebel Alliance
4778 Stormbots
4859 Cybears
5271 The Open Circuits
5275 T.i.m.e.bots

Thanks for the team list.

Out of curiosity, will the elimination rounds contain 4 alliances or 8? I know it has been 4 in the past, but with 36 teams 8 is a possibility.

Holy Crap - that is a list to be reckoned with! It looks like many of the best from around the state are going to go at it!

I cannot wait to watch the matches - and Roseville always pits on a great event.

Wow this is looking pretty stacked! Can’t wait for Saturday!

4215 will be using some of our matches to train in some new drivers as most of our drive team will be graduating this year. We made some adjustments to the tote platform we used at State and got a new tether that won’t get stuck in our wheels this time.

Good luck to all teams attending! This is going to be a great event

I see what you did there.

Clever… but Recycle Rush was a big enough joke on its own…

(Brings out the airhorns)


There is GA/MC training going on as well. I also know a big secret (well it could be a small one) for the event. Its going to be a good event, that you can count on. :slight_smile:

See you on Friday!

Do any of the teams attending happen to have an extra xbox/playstation style controller 4215 we can borrow on saturday? We broke ours today and the replacement one we bought from Best Buy has not been working.

Any help is appreciated!