MSC Lights Out Mode (Lights went out twice)

The lights went out twice at MSC yesterday. Here’s the footage I captured during one of them. Honestly, I wish the match could have continued because it looked awesome!

Wide Screen:

Vertical YT Short: Lights Out Mode! #firstrobotics #chargedup #frc - YouTube


They should just backlight the AprilTags!

cough cough chezy champs cough cough. 2018 Dark Power Up was Fun!


yooo thats so pretty

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This isn’t the first time the lights have gone out at states.
This was taken 2016 at the Michigan State Championship. I believe this was during playoffs.
I can’t remember if this was “planned” for playoffs or if it was accidental but it was still cool to see. (excuse the poor quality from my iphone 3). This was the same year the sound system died during qualification matches, picking defenses was very interesting.

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