MSC Tshirt Trading thread

Throwing this out there because I know some teams are interested. I have a ton of 4130 shirts. Looking for 33, 1684, 5460, 2767, 548, 217, and others. Really open to anything. Ill be at MSC all days!


I have some M 910 shirts, a L 302 shirt, and a L 494 shirt. I’m looking for shirts from 33, 226, 314, 1023, 1684, 2767, 2851, and 3357, although I will consider other trades. DM me if interested.

I’ve got plenty of 3175 shirts, disclaimer, I can’t really trade my 10th anniversary shirt or hockey jersey at this time. I’m pretty open to most teams.

Here’s what the shirts I’m referring to that are open for trade look like:

I’ll be at MSC whether with 3175 or I’ll be volunteering if we don’t qualify, so shoot me a DM if you’re interested.

I have a vast collection of shirts mainly 5460 stuff. But i have a could odd balls like a 2012 910 shirt, a 2014 world champions hoodie (including teams 254, 469, 71, 2848) Also i have a 2012 302 shirt and a 2834 shirt from before they changed names. As well as 1114 shirt, 33 shirt, 4810 Hoodie, 5460 Beanie, 5460 hat, 2018 World Champ 254’s and 148’s Editions. I will be at MSC, hit me up for trades

I trade mostly mediums for mediums but if you need a different size let me know. open to most trades

I have lots of 302 shirts to trade. Any shirts wanted and appreciated!

Trade you L 4130 shirt?

I can do that

I also have a M 573 mechanic shirt if anyone’s interested.

I have a few M 2851 shirts and I’d love a M 910. Let’s meet up at MSC

I can trade a 4130 shirt for a M 910?

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I have one or two 1322 shirts available, L-XL

I’ll be volunteering at MSC (I’ll be the scorer wearing a winter Pistons hat), and I have a ton of different 4961 shirts sized L-2XL available to trade if anyone is interested

Would you take a M 217 shirt for a M 4130?

Deal. Come find me In our pits I’m the driver. @ThunderStruck

I have a Large 5460 strike zone shirt for trade

I’ll trade you!

I have a 2014 winning alliance shirt in XL I am willing to trade. Looking for something from the Michigan powerhouse teams in M or L, sweatshirts are cool.

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Anyone interested in large 217 shirts? Off the top of my head I can think of 27, 3357, 3707, 2767, 2851 (in no particular order) that I would like shirts from. However, I’m usually pretty open to consider other teams as well. If anyone’s interested, let me know

I have 4130 if your interested.