MTI 2021 - Maryland Tech Invitational All-Star Event

MTI - Maryland Tech Invitational is a go with 32 of some of the best teams in FTC taking place in Baltimore on July 31-August 1. Stream will be at

If you are in FRC this is the IRI equivalent of FTC and is sure to have some amazing matches. We will be providing additional commentary and instant replay coverage Sunday of the event.

Here’s a video introducing all the competitors:

Match Schedule: MTI - Match Schedule

Team list:
516 Gears of Fire
3658 The BOSONS
5064 Aperture Science
6133 The “NUTS!”
6165 MSET CuttleFish
7172 Technical Difficulties
7244 OUT of the BOX
7303 RoboAvatars
8300 Pi Rho Eagles
8393 The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team
8644 The Brainstormers
8719 Quantum Leap
9614 Hyperion
9794 Wizards.exe
9889 Cruise Control
12376 Yolk
12518 Almond Robotics
12599 Overcharged
12611 TechNova
12808 RevAmped Robotics
12835 Pixelated
14270 Quantum Robotics
14481 Don’t Blink
15959 Central Lakes Robotics
16439 AlphaGo
16896 Black Forest Robotics
17713 Delta Force
18219 Primitive Data
18246 Delta V
18253 Beach Bots
18438 Wolfpack Machina

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