MTTD 2021: Registration Info [California]


It is another year for our annual offseason event, Madtown Throwdown, hosted by Team 1323 & 1671! We will be playing the 2020/2021 FRC game this year.

The event will be held on November 13th-14th (Saturday/Sunday Event). Friday will be practice/setup/pit load in. Saturday will be a full day of qualification matches with elimination matches on Sunday. Must be at the event on both Saturday/Sunday.

To Register: Click Here!
Cost: $300 per robot (same price for practice robot)
Robot Weight Limit: 135 lbs
Maximum Slots: 40

Event Location: Matilda Torres High School - 16645 Rd 26, Madera, CA 93638
Date: November 13th - 14th.
Payment is Due by: October 31st

Please mail to:
Attention: RC - Team1323
1422 Taylor Lane
Madera, CA 93637
Checks Payable to: Matilda Torres High School Robotics

A credit card option is available as well, please email for more info. If you have any questions or comments about the event in general, please click here to be redirected to the team’s MadTown Throwdown page for more information and Volunteers please click here!

COVID-Specific & Other Notes

The COVID situation in California is dynamic. MTTD will comply with all applicable guidance from Madera County, MUSD and the State of California. Additional restrictions may be added at the discretion of Team 1323 & MUSD including but not limited to required proof of vaccination, modified food service, etc. Any restrictions will be announced before the event begins. Event organizers & FIRST reserve the right to cancel the event in the event of emergencies or other extraordinary situations.


Is there a team list you could share pls ty?

Is there an event schedule yet? Specifically it would be nice to know when load-in starts on Friday so we can set up parent carpools.

Is there a webcast?

Yes it’s at Twitch


@R.C or anyone from 1323, any reason as to why you guys aren’t competing with your comp robot?

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RC is head ref so you probably won’t hear from him, and I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but here is some context you might be missing:
MTTD and Chezy Champs both center fantastic team experiences, on nearly opposite Vibes.
MTTD is a no-stress opportunity for students trying new things, Chezy selects towards exhibiting excellence.


MTTD 2021 might go down as the best one yet. The new venue is incredible and all the teams have been so much fun. Thanks 1323 and 1671 for putting on an amazing event, looking forward to tomorrow’s playoffs!




Is anyone there taking photos of all the robots? I understand that many teams bring multiple robots and it’s always nice to see what teams have built.

Thanks in advance.

We have pictures of most robots with our pit scouting app. Will try to post tomorrow.


The original stream is down so if you need the new one it’s at Twitch

Loving the results screen graphics!


Wondering if anyone has recorded match videos? Wasn’t able to find any…