Muffin Fan wire 16vs.24

Why are we required to wire large muffin fans with 16 gauge when it comes wired with 24 gauge. Does this make sense? It’s less than a half amp motor.

I would say that is a good question to ask on the FIRST forum – if it hasn’t already been asked. Be sure to search first.

Why is this an issue. The #16 is more robust and easier to crimp a push on to. The only serious reason would be for weight reduction.

I think the issue is that the fans are pre-wired, and it’s more work to re-wire them with 16 gauge. I’d put this up to FIRST if you haven’t already.

I always interpret FIRST’s rules requiring wire many times the size of the wire going into the device to mean that FIRST is trying to make sure that if shorted (in a horrendous crash, that twists metal and rends 1/2" lexan), the wires are capable of drawing full 20 or more amperes through the related Spike or Victor, without getting hot - or even perspiring (much less ‘glowing’).

Eric R is always saying he just wants to make sure it’s safe.

A way to get around it is to mount the fan so close to its supply that the manufacturers lead wire is long enough.