Muffin fans ..

We’re a rookie team, almost at the end of the build, with our bot nearing competion. We havent touched the muffin fans that came with the kit (a 120mm fan is quite tempting to play with for a geek :cool: )

We’re using the drills, and after running them for about 20min, nothing seems to get hot enough to worry about. No breakers have popped, no victors have smoked. Should we put the fans on over the electrical board and or motors? Or is this just a waste of time?


The last 2 years we have done this our motors have gotten really hot. They might not seem to be hot now, but try running them for 2 min nonstop at full speed. Trust me, they will get hot. Put the fans over the drillmotors. The eletrical board doesnt need them cause nothing is putting out that much energy.

This is the first year 93 will be using muffin fans, to keep the electronics cool (as they are pretty compact this year! ;)) As long as you can get a decent airflow inside your robot by the motors, I wouldn’t worry too much about putting in the fans. Unless you really need them, they’re just extra weight and another thing to worry about wiring up!

You could run the muffin fans over the motors between matches, or use canned air, or something to that effect, to cool down the motors, if you don’t want to worry about wiring the muffin fans up or adding weight. You could even build a heatsinc.

If you’re just running the drill motors, their not gonna get hot because their is no load or strain on them. In competition, a lot of strain is put on the motors, and they get extremely hot. Using muffin fans is a very good way to keep them cool throughout the match.

As for using canned air to cool the motors, this is not recommended by a number of people, including engineers on this very forum. The reason is because it can damage the brush housings inside the motor. My team did this last year before each match, and while it worked well for a few matches, we started seeing problems down the line, such as the motors cutting in and out. It’s just not recommended to use.