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I used to use Hyper-V, but I downgraded from 8 Pro to 7 Home. It useed to work well, but Windows 8 just got my nerve because I don’t have a touch screen :frowning:

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Fellow GRUBbers,

Came across something interesting last night.

sda1 (hd0,0) is FAT16 MSDOS bootable partition flagged as active in the MBR.

sda4 (hd0,3) is FAT16 FreeDOS bootable partition

when I execute these GRUB commands:

rootnoverify (hd0,3)
chainloader +1

… The FreeDOS kernel (KERNEL.SYS) is loaded from (hd0,3), but then the MSDOS shell in (hd0,0) is run.

Anybody know why?

I just tried the above this morning.


Installation was flawless, and I got an old junker Gateway Solo 9550 laptop with no BIOS support for booting USB to successfully boot the collection of bootable USBs in my PC Repair toolkit.

The whole thing fits in the MBR, plus the unused sectors following the MPB and before the first sector of the first partition.

Glad you like it.

Here are some more:

Not to topic jack but Yash101’s comment about the Metro Windows 8/8.1 interface, try this:

It works really well considering it’s a 3rd party product.
It’s basically free to use.
The only real issue I’ve had is if it’s installed during the Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade from the Microsoft’s App store.
Uninstall ClassicShell first then reinstall after the upgrade.

(Gotta love installing a 3rd party GUI shell patch to get your OS to work the way you were previously forced by Microsoft to use it :). Gotta love the Windows 2012 command line only interface. Starting to think Microsoft is secretly embracing Linux. Hmm suddenly have access issues with my MSDN access…uh oh :D)

Yes, I know how to use Wikipedia. I’m looking for feedback from CD community on personal experience with multi-boot solutions.

try this:

Thanks, but I prefer not to derail this thread with shells and virtual environments. Focus is on multi-boot.

I agree so I have created a new topic to help out: