Multi-pin Connectors

Does anybody have any good references to places where we can purchase multi-pin connectors? I would like to have a connector similar to a battery connector for an RC car or even the QuickConnects 6 awg connectors but with many pins (upwards of 20). Any advice?

First, try checking the almost-identical thread right below this one before posting a new thread.

Second, in that thread I posted the Digikey part number for those 4-pin snapping/locking connectors found in computers. Download the catalogue PDF, ctrl+F those part numbers, and find the 20-pin versions.

Actually, I had read that thread before posting this. When I read it, you hadn’t posted that information and the only posts in it referred to purchasing spare servo cable and connectors. Still, thanks for the info.

Adnerson power products(the people who make the battery connectors in the kit) sell some stuff you might be interested in. Newark is a distributor, so they are FIRST legal.

Btw. What exactly are you tryign to do? If i knew a little better, i might be able to suggest something a little more specific. Are you tryign to mount all your speed controllers etc on a single quickly removable plate?

I noticed that too, but I meant that with all these complaints about useless threads, there shouldn’t be two threads asking for slightly different versions of essentially the same thing. I think rather than posting a new thread, you should have posted a question in the existing thread. Nevertheless, this discussion doesn’t belong here, so just enjoy the info. If its not quite what you were looking for, ask me and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Last year we used multi-pin connectors from Phoenix. They do make a size large enough for the #10 wire. This way, we were able completly disconnect our control board and remove it from the robot. By using the same wiring configuration, we can use last year’s board as a test bed for this year’s robot.

Do you have a link to the Phoenix website? I have been searching for their site but I can’t find much useful information.

Molex also has an alternative that seems to work, however, they are not cheap: that’s the whole page, but the “Mini-Fit Sr. Terminals” and the “Mini-Fit Sr. Connectors” are what I am referring to. The Connectors have a max of 6 pins which would be 3 motors per block and a current rating of 50 amps. Good Luck.

I have been looking at the Powerpole connectors from Anderson Power. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy them? I called Anderson and they gave me the names of some distributers but the ones I could reach wanted a minimum order of 25 connectors (when I only want 4). Any suggestions?

The web site for Phoenix is

To help you narrow it down, look in the COMBICON catalog section. There may also be a section where you can select you requirements, (ie number of positions, wire size, ampere rating, etc) and the web page will kick back with a few appropriate selections.