Multi-Team Meeting: Failure Analysis (Tues, Apr 20, 2021)

I hope you can join the next virtual workshop for FIRST teams. We hope you can join us.

Topic: Failure Analysis

Who: FIRST Team Members and Mentors from across the country

When: Tues, Apr 20, 2021 starting at 6:00 pm Mountain Time

Where: Zoom (Launch Meeting - Zoom)

Meeting ID: 843 1079 7346

Passcode: FRC4418

(Dial-in available at 669-900-6833)

FIRST robots experience failures during their development and as part of Match Play. This workshop is about understanding failures and how to react when they happen. We’ll explain what Failure Analysis is, provide insights to real-world experience with Failure Analysis, step through an example of an Acura MDX battery failure, provide background on how Failure Analysis helps in the Engineering Process, and discuss how to apply this technique to your robot.

The presenter is Harlan, a senior Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin. He has worked on several programs including F-35 Lightning, Orion spacecraft, and military weapon systems. Harlan has been my mentor for two years and I wanted to make his vast knowledge available to FIRST Teams. This is the first in a series of workshops that we’re planning with Harlan so he can share his expertise with FIRST Teams.

Meeting Materials:

Whether you’re meeting in-person or still running virtual meetings, this is a great opportunity to meet students and mentors from across the country and geek-out a little on engineering and robots.

Since we have teams from multiple time zones we’ll be starting at 8:00 pm Eastern (7 Central, 6 Mountain, and 5 Pacific)

Agenda (Times are for Mountain Time Zone)

  • 6:00 Welcome, Jack Rumple
    • Thanks for joining
  • 6:05, Team Member Introductions
    • First Name
    • Team
    • Primary Role
    • Tell Us Something You’ve Learned with FIRST
  • 6:20, Failure Analysis Discussion
  • 7:00, Adjourn