multi tool with removable knife

Hi all,

I’m looking for a multi tool with a removable knife blade in it. I want to have a multi tool at school without a knife but still have a knife out of school. Does anyone know where I could find one?

thanks, Vivek

I am an avid collector.

Case made a couple knifes with changeable blades (saw, serated, mini-axe).

Victornox makes a Swiss Army knife with a removable USB drive.

I have never seen a multi, that had a knife that was removeable.

Overall it sounds like a good idea. I checked the usual suspects:
Victornox, Wenger, Leatherman, Gerber…

The best I could come up with is the Credit Card set that has a removeable blade.

What features in a multi-tool do you need at school? Also if you really need a multi-tool at school, cut the blade off. There are plenty of reasonable priced multi’s out there.

You can always take an old multi tool and remove the blade (take out the screw holding the tools in the multi tool, remove the blade, add a washer so it still has tension so the tools dont just flip out of it.) do this only if you have an extra multi tool (cheap one?) and then if you want to go back then you can reverse the process.

That sounds like a good idea stephen. I work on the robot at school sometimes and it is nice to have a multi tool with me. I suppose I could get a good multi, take out the blades and get a good knife since most multi’s have mediocre blades anyways.

thanks, Vivek

You might want to try this:

Leatherman Fuse Without Knife Blade
Leather Sheath

Fuse features an all-tool locking system that is 50% stronger than our original locks. And one-at-a-time tool selection gets you just the tool you want. With a slim chassis and an assortment of the most-needed tools, Fuse puts portability at the forefront of your need to be prepared. Does Not Include Knife Blade

This is a multi-tool without a blade. You could just purchase a separate locking knife if you wanted that too. This is designed to be carried where blades are prohibited although I am still not sure whether this would pass muster getting on a plane.

Hope this helps

definitely won’t get on a plane with those miniature scissors…the blades are 3 times as long as those highly dangerous, illegal fingernail clippers.

I actually looked at the fuse but it doesn’t have a bit driver :frowning: That’s one of the main things I’m looking for in a multi-tool. The add on is too chunky for my liking.


Interesting guidance from the airlines… the first no or yes is for onboard
the second refers to inside checked baggage.

Sharp Objects
Item Carry-on Checked
Box Cutters No Yes
Ice Axes/Ice Picks No Yes
Knives - except for plastic or round bladed butter knives No Yes
Meat Cleavers No Yes
Razor-Type Blades - such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors. No Yes
Sabers No Yes
Scissors - metal with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches Yes Yes
Swords No Yes

I am really relieved that passengers are not allowed to bring meat cleavers or swords onboard. Although I love to travel with my Ice Axe… bummer

found another thread on the topic

and if you want to spend 10 dollars and get wire strippers with it!


* Precision Pliers with Posi-Grip Jaws
* Phillips Screwdriver
* Flat Screwdriver
* Micro Phillips Screwdriver
* Micro Flat Screwdriver
* Wire cutter
* Wire stripper
* Sheet Shear 

honestly because i am an electrical guy, i like having wire strippers but the tool looks small.

looks nice, but the name “bomb diffuser” sounds a bit bad for school.

That is so weird, most knives I’m looking at are around 3 inches long. What’s up with that?

I think I found another item for my robotics/Christmas wish list.


Here’s what you need.

It even has a chain tool…

This is amazing… but it might be a tad large… lol



im currently making myself a school friendly (even though it will never go to school) multi tool. i removed all the tools but the pliers from the frame and i will replace the rivets with screws (just as soon as i find some) it was one i got as a free gift from a mall or something.

I’m thinking about the leatherman charge al, I guess I’m ok with not taking it to school after all. I can always get a cheap pocket size one for school or something.

I totally want a chain tool in a multi tool!


make shure the chan tool can work with your type of chain. i havent tested using some #35 chain in my nice bike tool (i love that tool!) in fear of breaking it. (the tool, not the chain) bike chain is just a little different from #35 chain but its noticeable)

Weird, I was under the impression that most chain tools were fairly versatile? I know ours will work for fairly decent range and has no problem with either bike or 35 chain.


that kind doesnt work and its the kind on my bike multi tool.

Oh, ok, we have one that clamps the chain from the sides of the pin not like that. yeah, that is a lot more compact and I can see why it might get messed up.


If you do end up getting a tool with a knife, ask the main office about it before you alter it in any way. Take it to the office and tell them why you need to have the tool at school. Also, explain that you’ll keep it in your locker/backpack during school hours.

When I got my Leatherman, I took it to the office, and they said it was fine.

Good luck!

Oh, you don’t understand our school district. In a nearby school district, they found a box cutter in a kid’s trunk and almost had him expelled even though he uses it for work. I’m surprised they allow scissors. I guess I can understand but it does seem excessive at times. :frowning:

I’m not planning on taking it to school anyways, we usually work at our sponsor’s warehouse.