Multiline SmartDashboard Input?

Title says it. Is there anyway to have a multiline smartdashboard input? (I.E. as a way to do autonomous scripting instead of uploading a text file via FTP)

Or if there’s a way to do this without using SmartDashboard, that still is quick, editable on the fly, and not complicated for the end user, that would rock.
I guess I could put in ~20 smartdashboard entries… but that seems acky.

What types of things are you scripting? Is it truly on the fly or are there a few different autonomous modes you are trying? If it is only a few, you can look into just having radio button selection of autonomous mode with the SendableChooser:

Otherwise, you may be able to just make the textbox bigger (longer) and make a custom shorthand. d(60), t(45), f could be input for drive 60 inches, turn 45 degrees, and fire. Not sure how complicated you are looking to get though.

It… gets… complicated.

For Kettering this year, I made a custom text editor that would allow me to program auton and load without deploying to the cRIO (510 auton points :slight_smile: 50 points above 2nd place). It would compile the text in the editor to a binary form than send it to the dashboard through a single SD line

so something like this

if inTheCenter //targeting
    shoot at 1 for 1 //shoot at speed 1 for 1 second
    after 2
         driveForward at 1 for 1
    driveForward at 1 for 1 //drive forward at fulslpeed for 1 second
    after 5
         shoot at 1 for 1

the binary would compile to something like


This was originally intended to be a full binary format (not an ASCII pull) but i got fed up with Java ME’s implementation of binary string reading

?11 signifies if, (12 signifies action (, shoot (12), at speed 1 for 1 second at 0 seconds… (13 signifies drive, etc.

Can’t open source anything because its still competition season but just giving ideas!