Multiplayer on Catalyst simulator?

We were trying out the simulator for this year’s game and we wanted to have more than one robot on the court at the same time (to try playing with an alliance or opponent), but we couldn’t figure out how to get more than one computer to log in at the same time (even using the “guest” option). It just says that there is already another computer logged in on our server- which there is, but it doesn’t make sense that we can’t have more than one person playing at the same time. Basically, does anybody know how to play multiplayer on the simulator?

Well from what I’ve tried, it just uses 1 computer. It uses separate controllers for each player or something like that. It can’t do network play so far… unless someone found a hidden feature. Hope this helps!

Me and my team have been able to successfully play more than one person on a game at once. However we can only do this on the same computer, by assigning different keys to each player. Also one of our players brought a Xbox 360 controller and plugged in the usb port, and was able to control the robot via xbox controller.