Multiple Auto modes

Hi I have two different auto modes one for the middle hoop and one for the middle hoops. This is my first year with auto and this is my first year using labview. Could someone please help me with codeing how to recognize a on off switch on a digital i/o on the digital sidecar and how you implement it in code? Sorry if there is another thread on this topic but I’ve tried looking for it, I’ve googled it but no luck. Right now before I put the robot in the bag I put two of the tetrix on/off switches on digital ports 1 and 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Garten Haeska
Team 2861
Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional

Another way of doing this is to use the digital input of the driver station program. Goto the I/O on DS program and you can set channels 1-8 are true or false. Think of it as a software version of hardware switches. These switches can then be read from your program.

Look in the default framework program in the Autonomous Independent. There is already a vi in there that checks the status of the switches. Attached is a portion of code that will take these inputs and convert them to a number. Wire this to a case structure to run the auto program you want.

DS Input.bmp (176 KB)

DS Input.bmp (176 KB)

a good thing to use also is the axis 3 on the joysticks (the knob at its base) if you run out of driver station input

But who would run out? (us)