Multiple buttons

How would I set up multiple buttons on different usb joystick to preform task like: take in balls - button 1 on usb 1 and take out balls - button 2 on usb 1. or just one usb joystick.

I think this is understandable.

Arcre: It all depends on what type of mechanism you’re using, and how many things need to move to “Take in balls” and “Take out Balls”. For example the current code on our GO uses three motors and two solenoids to do both jobs.

set up a case structure for the different motor outputs (so you can turn them on and off with a true false). Next use the joystick get command, which gives you a cluster of buttons as one of the outputs. Use an Unbundle by Name command to get at the specific buttons. Now, wire them as appropriate to your case structures.

im not sure what part of my answer you were looking for, but i hope i helped:p

I was looking for answer how to program the in labview to control the drive with the buttons on it, so basically asking for a example of how to program multiply buttons with the a drive. I have tried but unsuccessful.