Multiple Camera Angle Broadcasts

I think this comes up every year. Watching Twitch broadcasts and most feeds are multiple camera angles being switched off every 10 seconds or so. Literally impossible to follow anything. And of course useless for video scouting.

Does anyone like these feeds? Why are they still a thing?

I have no idea why they still have those. I just watch the static cam broadcasts.

Yeah, I just pull up the full field view too.

From where? Right now I’m trying to watch a regional (until FIM Districts start) so I’m getting a feed from Blue Alliance then from there I switch directly to Twitch. Do the regionals have multiple feeds?

OK, I think I found what you are saying about single feed.
Thanks. (The PIPs are a little annoying but this is much better).

I do, they just have to be done properly. This game makes it a PITA to run it well though…

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