Multiple camera targets..?

I haven’t had a chance to play with code yet - so I may be missing something horribly obvious.

If there are 4 squares that the camera code can detect, how do we choose which one we want to aim at? does the default code/tutorial have something that supports 4 targets? Does it only recognize one at a time?

This concept just confuses me. We should have our driver station running soon so we can try it (labview)

I believe that it will list them top-bottom left-right. So if you want the top target then it will be the first one. But don’t quote me on this, we haven’t tested it yet.

The VI will list the targets that it found. You do not have to use them all. You should probably evaluate your robot’s capabilities and decide which are most useful.

A simple version is to look for only the low target using the Y position. You could also choose the one that is closest to where your turret or mechanism is pointing, which may be the one with the smallest absolute X value. Another simple choice is to use the first in the array and pretend the VI didn’t even send the others. Your choice.

Greg McKaskle

I’m not sure if this has been covered or not, if it has, please point me to it.

In the Vision, the “mjpg” is used to aquire and notify the modules that an image is ready. But the context help says that with the 1011 camera, mjpg is more efficient. Does that also indicate that with the 206 jpg in better to use? Would replacing the mjpg with the jpg be appropriate for working with the 206 camera.
See the attached image as reference.

My understanding is that mjpg is good for both cameras, but jpg is only good for the 206.

Correct. The 206 had roughly equivalent frame rate using JPG and MJPG. The M1011 has a JPG frame rate of about 8 and the MJPG was equivalent to the 206.

Greg McKaskle