Multiple Compititions

Last year our team only did one competition and this year we are looking to do the NJ and the Philadelphia regionals. We were wondering what the extra costs would be other then the obvious like food and transportation. Something like does it cost anything to get to the second comp? (our teacher thinks it will cost another 6,000 but for some reason I doubt that, because I think the 6,000 is for the kit of parts…)

So any help would be great, thanks!

I can’t tell entirely what you’re asking, but the fee for a second regional is $4000.

Travel costs, food, etc… are all up to your team to determine.

I believe the fee for a second regional is 4000 dollars. That is only the entrance fee. it does not include any parts or anything like that.

Besides the extra $4000 for the entry fee you also need to figure the cost of getting your bot to the second regional. FIRST only pays one regional and one Championship through Fed Ex.

So, to compete at one regional, you have to pay for a KoP, the entrance fee for the first regional, the transportation to/from that regional, the hotels for that regional, find mentors/chaperones for travel, pay for food expenses, etc.

In addition, for a second regional, you would have to worry about:

  • entrance fee for second regional ($4000)
  • shipping for second regional (FIRST does not pay for this, unlike the first regional and the Championship)
  • transportation costs to/from second regional
  • hotel for second regional
  • food expenses at second regional
  • more time off from school for students
  • more time off from work for mentors- finding mentors/chaperones

And probably some other things will come up in planning it.

Also add in

More give-aways (if you have them)
More spare parts

You can minimize your costs by only shipping the robot in the crate, and taking everything else in vehicles. You pay shipping based on the weight of the crate, and a box of tools can be very heavy.

I wish we had that option which is what we see a lot of teams do.
We cant even do that at our own home regional because it’s between mainland regionals. It would be more expensive now that airlines charge a la carte for extra baggages now. :frowning: