Multiple computers with Eclipse

Does anyone know how to load an Eclipse project on multiple computers? We created one, uploaded it to GitHub, cloned it to another system, and when we imported the project into eclipse it couldn’t find the WPILib. Is there any tricks to get this working?

after you install Eclipse and the plugins on the new computer, go in and create a new robot project. In times past, the setup of the WPILIB variables and libraries didn’t seem to take place until the first project was created.

Hm, mine works fine but that might be because its Python…

You can do a couple of things

  1. Make the github repo contain the source code than just make a new project locally that references the source code
  2. Make the github repo still contain the source code and draw a symbolic link from the github repo to the eclipse projects
  3. Use Eclipse’s built-in git stuff (idk if it sgood or not)