Multiple definitions in some C functions?

Hey Forums.

With the traditional C wrappers provided from WPI, I have found what I think what might be a bug and need to find a workaround.

IsAutonomous(), IsOperatorControl(), and IsDisabled() seem to all be both defined in SimpleCRobot.cpp and in CDriverStation.cpp. I can’t just not use SimpleCRobot because that’s the only place that the watchdog functions are defined… I could go without them, but it really doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Ideas, or am I doing something wrong here?

in the simple robot, they are defined for ease of use, you dont have to create a DS instance, if you look at the code, the simple robot, they are wrappers for the DS functions

Let me clarify some: I need to use the Driver Station part for the digital inputs. However, it also seems that one needs to use SimpleCRobot in the project for the watchdog timer. The conflicting functions are defined in both.

Perhaps this would work better if we knew C++, eh? ^_^’’’’

Yes! you need C++ to do that, and C++ is also called C with Classes.
but you don’t need the DS to do that,
you should use the DigitalInput class, and it should work in C(I think)
but for next season, learn C++, much easier