Multiple Engineering Positions available!

Left Hand Robotics is looking to fill a number of engineering positions. All of our current openings are for experienced engineering professionals but I know at least a few people who frequent this site meet that requirement. You can learn more about Left Hand Robotics and our open positions at: or feel free to PM me here for more info.


Maybe I’m crazy but it looked like only one was in your site - EE System Architect Lead / Design Engineer

I’m not looking, but wanted to let you know since you said multiple engineering positions and only one was here.

Also will add that Longmont is a pretty nice place to live.

I’m not a huge fan of the site layout but there are 2 other positions listed directly under the EE position. It is the first in the list so it’s highlighted but the other positions can be selected and the associated details shown.

Let me know if you see that and thanks for the heads-up.