Multiple Iiko

Ok, ive been trying for about two days now to get mutiple iiko into one scene in 3ds max. I can get them all in but when i try to animate them, they either go straight back to the original iiko or go absolutely insane (random body parts where they really shouldnt be. Anyone got some tips to fix this?

When moving them are you selecting the arrow underneath them? Here’s what I do.

SELECT all of their parts
CTRL V to COPY them (not an instance)
SELECT only arrow on one.
MOVE the Iiko
ANIMATE the Iiko.

Hope that helps!

Did that help?

When I tried this, it didn’t exactly work out for me :confused:
so if that doesnt work for you, what i did was just make sure that my unedited iiko model to start with was in a file completely on its own, and then just merged all objects in that scene to the scene i was working on.

we had 13 iiko at once in one scene, so i didnt have much problems lol

hopefully one of us has helped!

That is another way to do it. i did that in one scene when I had a problem. haha, we beat you, we had 15 in one scene! :stuck_out_tongue:

curse you!! lol

i saw the animation and it looks rly good. are you guys going to the Wisconsin regional?

Yep. Wisconsin and 10,000 lakes and St. Louis (hopefully:D )