Multiple InitDefault Commands don't work

Alright, so the way our team’s set up our code we create a default command in a drive train subsystem, and another default command in our gear lift subsystem. For some reason, if both subsystems have their default commands active (as in not commented out for testing), both subsystems become unresponsive. Both subsystems are totaly independent of each other and don’t require any of the same things (they both use an oi class, but don’t require it).

I’ve looked at WPI’s documentation and as far as I can tell we shouldn’t be having this sort of problem, does anyone know what we could be missing?

We do the same things so I don’t have much advice. Our drivetrain system has a teleOp default command. Our front elevator subsystem has our front elevator control command as default. Our rear elevator subsystem has our rear elevator control command as default.

That is definitely not what should be happening given your description. However, without your code to analyze ourselves, there likely isn’t going to be much any of us here and do to help you debug this issue.

Here’s a link to our team’s GitHub page

The subsystems that have default commands are and (ClawLift has its default command commented out at time of writing for the reasons mentioned above).

UPDATE: so upon rewiring the robot, the subsystems both seem to be working fine and cooperating all of a sudden. Very strange, but at least it’s a helpful type of strange.

In summary: it was probably an electrical problem…