I was reading through the rules last night and was wondering if it would be possiable to use like for of the CIM or drill motors for a drive system. I don’t know if I missed it or not in the rule book weather this is allowed. Under the section of the kit of part it says that addtional parts maybe used but are not counted as the kit of parts. I also could not find the list of parts that may or may not be used in greater quantitys.

You were wondering if you could use 4 of the CIM or Drill motors. Right?

You may not use more or different motors than what is provided in the Kit. There last time we saw the additional parts list was in 2002. Unless it’s restricted and/or does not comply with the spending limits and/or breaks any rules, you may use it. Use the part usage flow chart if you have a specific thing in mind.

In the manual I couldn’t find that it said we can’t use more than the motors provided for in the kit… is that true?

I’ve asked some other people they thought that was the case.

FOr example… they give us 9… say I want to use 10… is that legal?

What are the stats for the CIM motors and the drill motors? Torque, etc. Cant find them in the manual.

Stats for the 2002 motors are here: The Chias, globes, and FPs, and seat, should be the same, van door, and window should be similar, drills will be different.

Actually Sanddrag, I believe the free-speed of the CIM motor changed from 02-03. I believe its the same as the 03’ motors though. If you do a quick search, you can find the specs.


When considering what you can use on the robot, please pay close attention to the Flowchart and the Section 5 (The Robot) of the manual.

Rule <R70> clearly states:
"Specific Items NOT allowed include:
Electric motors different from or in addition to those in the Kit.

So, no, you may not use 4 of the CIM motors. Power sources may only include the battery, compressed air, and springs, rubber bands, etc. Likewise, motors, cylinders and other devices which transmit energy are limited. This helps to keep a fair playing field for everyone.

Maybe next year Dean will include some of those special high power-to-weight ratio Segway motors in the kit!!

The motor free speed did not change from 02 to 03. The only change was the output shaft.
Contains all the last year spec sheets, no motors have changed but the Seat motor came back, so you can find it in the older documentation.