Multiple odd dreams about FIRST

Over the past few nights, I keep having dreams about my team competing in the most bizarre FRC challenges. Some would include:

The game requiring us to have 1 square wheel on the robot

Half the field covered in sand

Having to climb the rack from Rack-n-Roll to retrieve the game piece

Shrinking seating area (it was part of the challenge, the more people you had in seats, the more points your robot got, but the arena was constantly shrinking)

I havn’t done any robotics work in a week or two. Anyone have any ideas for a cure for this strange occurrences.

PS I really hope I didn’t just give the GDC some ideas for next years game :rolleyes:

There was a picture of a cake on CD a few weeks back.

I then had a dream about that cake and how we couldn’t eat it at our end of the year party because it was another team’s and our mentors had to get a new one and alll this stuff.

You’re not alone. :rolleyes:

I couldn’t even finish one slice of cake someone made for the End of the Year picnic. The thing was 4 inches tall. It was modeled after this year’s robot.

So far I don’t remember any dreams about FIRST :ahh: By my junior year it probably will happen though.

I know how you feel. I had one before kickoff involving boomerangs and last year’s regolith. it was strange

I’m already thinking about how to keep the sand out of the electronics.

I had a dream during build season that 469 picked us at champs, but they ran out of maple syrup to power their robot, and Atlanta was in the middle of a maple syrup shortage.

I want to know the subconscious thought process that leads to that.

That makes two of us XD
I’ve had dreams about just programming the robot in the middle of nowhere. Then a few days ago I had a dream that I was trapped in between two <div> tags and couldn’t escape :ahh:

Some call those dreams- others nightmares

FRC showed up in my other strange soccer refereeing dream a couple nights ago. I won’t go into the whole thing, but I was excited to be refereeing soccer with two other state refs (LL and AB). And then it got weirder …

The drivers were the game pieces, and the robots had to be completely autonomous…

It’s always fun to get left off the bus in a multi-storied library after the team did a presentation and the next bus was due to arrive in 7 hours. Waking up while deciding whether to browse the library or go to Plan B without making the decision was cause for a 2nd cup of coffee and a roll of the dice.

Well, at least I am not alone. I dreamt my team put me in charge of running a competition at my high school. 30 teams showed up but when I got there, All the people that where expected to set up didn’t bother! Their was more too it but I think every one got the gest of it.


If 469 was Canadian, this would be utter blasphemy.

A lot of my dreams aren’t necessarily about the robot or the game, but about robotics people. And the most random mashups of people, too.

I also had a nightmare about a weld breaking before an important match. Oh, wait, that one was real…

Oh man that would be a terrible nightmare for me…and not because of the drivers being game pieces

I more often have completely plausible dreams about FIRST. Like, in one dream 1714 bumped up a seed and we were the 8th alliance captain on Newton 2009. Or one time, I dreamed about winning Connecticut. I guess I’m pretty boring.