Multiple Op Modes?

My team has managed to get an OP mode (tele-op) running on the Rev Control Hub (using Android Studio) but when we load a different tele-op OP mode to the control hub, we only see the new one on the driver hub drop-down list; we don’t see two options. How do we get multiple options loaded at the same time so that we can choose between multiple options on the driver hub?

Thanks for any help!


Could you share a link to your code? (preferable through github)

This would help us help you.

My only initial thought is perhaps you didn’t comment out the @disable flag for the op mode.

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Also note that there are two Op Mode dropdown menus: one for autonomous Op Modes, and one for TeleOp ones.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I do not have access to the code at the moment.

However, I am confident that the “@disable” flag is commented out in both programs and that both are Tele-op OP modes because both programs have successfully been run as Tele-op modes on the robot. It’s just that whichever mode was most recently downloaded onto the control hub is the only one that appears on the driver hub. Further, the files have different names and the name strings for the two are different in @TeleOP(name="", …).

All of the Op Modes should be in the same Android Studio project. It sounds like you have each one in its own project. There shouldn’t be a way to install just one Op Mode or the other onto the Control Hub, if you have your project set up correctly.

Ah, Ok. That’s helpful. Thanks!

Right now the students have two separate laptops for coding and we have not yet synced them via Git. Is there an easy way to make the projects the “same” apart from something like Git? What determines sameness in this context?

“Sameness” just means that a single Android Studio project contains both Op Modes.

I highly recommend using Git to collaborate from different computers.


We are setting up Git today. Hopefully that fixes our issues! Thanks.

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