Multiple pieces on a peg?

I know that a game piece can be placed over an ubertube, but can more then one normal game piece (triangle, white circle, and square) be placed on the same peg? If so did anyone at the New Hampshire kickoff find out how many can fit on the peg reasonably? I have read the manual, but if everyone would please quote it when they state something as fact.

Section 3, last page, G63.

Also in The Arena it states that the pegs are supposed to hold two game pieces.

Only the outermost one counts according to <G63>

<G63> If two GAME PIECES are HANGING from a single SCORING PEG, the outermost GAME
PIECE will be counted for scoring purposes.

Thanks, now that you put that up there I remember now. Good thing I asked, we were planning on it.

It looks like it will be a tight fit with two on a peg. There is a little less than 14 inches and the rings are around 6-7 inches. Don’t have exact measurements, but it looked like you would need to carefully place that second ring.

you can put a normal game piece over the top of another normal game piece to help create a logo if you put one on the wrong peg

However, not if there is an ubertube under the ‘incorrect’ tube.

Can you point out the specific rule for this?

I’m pretty sure he was just making the point that 3 won’t fit on a single peg.