Multiple Regionals

I heard some people from my team talking about going to various regionals. So i was wandering if there were any teams here that have done that, regurlarly or just once maybe, and could fill me in in what they though about it.

Many teams go to multiples. Generally 2 works out best due to the shipping time in between. FIRST used to frown on 3 or more, but there are some regionals that have trouble filling up and I think they might welcome attendance.

As long as all the teams have a place to play and nobody, especially the young teams, gets excluded, this practice makes for a more exciting season. Of course paying for all those events is a challenge and the wear and tear on the machine is intense.

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The multiple regionals is a good way to compete against a variety of teams. Our team always attends NJ, our home regional. Last year, we went out to Vegas to play some West Coast teams, who we don’t usually face. In previous years, the team went to Chesapeake, Palmetto, etc.

I think going to more than one regional is really neat. You get to see more teams, meet more people, and learn new ways of collaborating with different alliances, as well as spending some time in a different place.

It’s a lot of fun doing more than one regional, but don’t forget the “wear and tear” on the students, mentors and chaperones. Doing back-to-back weekends are really tough and I wouldn’t recommend it if at all possible. It’s hard to take students (and teachers) out of class two weeks in a row, and hard for adults to take time off from work two weeks in a row. Also look at school testing schedules, vacation schedules, and any holidays that may fall during regional weeks before making your decision.

That’s a great suggestion. Usually, at least one week of regionals is scheduled during spring break, which is a good time to go to a regional if you can get a sufficient amount of members to go!

166 alternates between going to 2 regionals or 1 regional and Atlanta.

'05 we went to the Buckeye regional and it was tons of fun. No one there knew who we were so that was probably the best part. I don’t really think we’ve had a bad experience at a regional. It’s kind of hard for such a thing to happen.

Team 188 did 3 regionals last year. Rochester, Waterloo and GTR. It is tough and a lot of work must be done to raise money. Fun for sure, tiring you bet, taxing yep and definitely rewarding.

Note, you have to make sure that your robot is robust or you will never leave the pit area.

Aw- c’mon Kathie. We old mentors are worn anyway.

“We can rebuild them, we have the technology…”

(hmm- how many kids can place that “quote”?)

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We have done 3 the past 2 years. It is alot of fun, and a learning experience for every regional we go to because each one is different and has a different meaning to you. For example a home town regional?? or something like that. As mentioned before your robot indeed must be robust enough to do it. It is kind of tiring after the season is done and over with but it is well worth it. But yet after the season is over you just can’t wait until you are back in competition again. :slight_smile: :wink:

thanks to all for the replys really apreciat it. The regional that we are planning to do right now is in Las Vegas. Pending certain sponsorships, if we get them, we may be able to go to 2 or three with alot less impediments.

the last 2 years 573 has 2 regionals and ATL. This is loads of fun and great to play against different teams and the same “powerhouse teams”. I would recommend esp if your a rookie team going to some smaller regionals…we have kind of made that mistake twice by going to GLR and WMR too of the hardest regionals in my opinion, but the compition is good.

I would also highly recommend not going to back to back regionals…i know the week after i get back to school from a regional esp ATL i have a ton of homework to make up…not to mention this year one of my classes i missed 3 tests in a row for robotics…kind of ironic

Back to back regionals will also add an additional “expedited” shipping charge to get the crates there in time. In some cases, this is many hundreds of $$$ that teams have not budgeted for.

The Six Million Dollar Man, just had to use wikipedia since I couldn’t remember the order of the full quote:

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster.”

Moving back on topic…

My team actually hasn’t done a second regional ever in its history, only staying close to home at the UCF Regional in Orlando. This year, we hope to finally be able to get out to Championships though.

My team last year only did one regional and the championship, but this year we are trying to go to Detroit, our home regional, and one out of town. Then hopefully the Championship.

being on two teams i went to 3 different regionals we went to pa but didn’t have enough money so we couldn’t compete so we went for 1 day and just scouted teams that were coming to Cleveland being coming from a school that was big on robotics we didn’t have a problem with the teachers then we competed in the buckeye regional which was during spring break and the next week i believe we went to Michigan to compete and it was fun then we turn around and went to Georgia with a rookie team 1278 that we helped and it was wonderful my first championship event but when it was all said and done i was dead dead tired from all the traveling and had lots of catching up to do

I honestly would rather go to Las Vegas this year and Nationals if possible. But if RamTech does decide to go to two regionals than I’d rather have the Orlando and Las Vegas regionals.

Now the nationals are cool and all but I don’t know whats wrong with the spirit in my team when we go there, it was a bit iffy last year, but the scouting was fun for me and I loved the team social. Most of the time I was in the pit area so I don’t know how much we cheered in the stands because usually it was fun but I’m not sure according to what I heard from some people. o.o

Truthfully, two regionals & nats are ideal for a team.

Last year, i went to nats, LA (our home reg.), New England Regional to volunteer, and GTR. They’re GREAT experiences i wouldnt trade for anything in the world. But the workload given to catch up can be too much to handle sometimes especially with those back to back trips.

For our team, we go to our teachers before each of trips and get all work that will be assigned for that week. Our mentor makes our last day of our trip “homework day” and thats where we get a lot of it done. We are also encouraged to do it on the plane rides. As for tests, our mentors with us offer the teachers to give us the tests during the trip.

But i strongly encourage members to not go on more than the amount of trips they can keep up with because the workload given to catch up can be too much to handle sometimes.

one of the problems with our team last year (at nationals) was that we had a lot of young people, and we were doing really bad. So they got all emotional and depressed and stuff and stoped trying to cheer, this affected everyone else as well. So all the leaders just left to play soccer…well it wasnt the rightest(?) thing to do but it was fun…most of the fun i have had with the team have been non-FIRST related. One thing I do want to happen this year is that our team tries to involve people more, then maybe team “spirit” would improve.

Yah alot of the time we do pretty much the same thing, you know get our homework and do it while we go to the regional or while we’re at the hotel, and sometimes we do it after we get back, but alot of people also have AP and it’s hard to go on even one trip you know, but in the end we always get it together.

Our team, for the first time in 2006, attended 2 regionals (Arizona, Denver). This year we plan on attending 2 regionals depending on funding. We are hoping to attend either the Orlando or L.A. regional as our first, and going back to Denver to defend our title. We feel that having more exposure (especially east coast exposure) might help us the next time we attend nationals. We feel as a team, the lack of exposure caused us not to be selected for the Galileo finals in 2006 (even though we were 15th out of 84 teams). Good luck teams in 2007.