Multiple rev color sensors V3

Hi, my team has been wondering how we can connect multiple color sensors to the roborio, i’ve seen a lot of proposals but i wonder if anyone knows a way to make it work on labview.

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Maybe try the More-Board V2 by REV. Maybe look into something similar to Songhe PCF8574T PCF8574 IO Expansion Board Module I2C IO Expander Module (5pcs) : Electronics. Sorry for the delayed reply.

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There is an open I2C port on the RoboRio and another one available through the MXP port. Using the header pins available from the NavX my team was able to attach 2 REV color sensors(one on the RoboRio port and one on the MXP slot).

From my current understanding, the REV color sensors Address’ make it so that their cannot be multiple on a single I2C port. However since the Rio has 2 distinct slots you can have 2.

please don’t use the onboard I2C port on the Rio. Read this thread for why, and also some good advice on how to use multiple color sensors: Reliability of Onboard I2C port for 2022


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