Multiple Robots, Please Help

Alright, I’m pretty much at my wits end here. For practice purposes we have been attempting to get two robots working at once. The other robot, 2005, we would like to run defense on our 2008 robot. I know that to do this you have to change the channel on the OI.

However, I have tried everything to change the channel. I’ve looked at the white paper here on CD, I’ve looked in the FAQ on IFI’s website and I’ve looked at the OI manual PDF on IFI’s website. I’ve gone through every step that I can find and through all of it the channel stays at 40.

Is there any help someone can give me? Some small step that they just assume I would know? I wasn’t on 973 during the 2005 year so I wouldn’t know if theres some special trick for the 2005 box…

2 pins need to be jumped on the OI for you to be able to change the channel, they are pins 12 and pin 8 I believe. This info is from an old IFI OI manual:

Connect pin 12 to pin 8 to provide additional channel access.

You can do this with a DB-15 connector and backshell or through other means.

This competition port document from IFI says the same:

That connection no longer needed on 2005+ OIs. However your OI for 2005 bot might actually have a 2004 or older OI (by some mixup) so the connection would be needed. Check the year of the OI by the looking at the sticker on the top of the OI.

Also have you tried to change channel on your new 2008 OI by setting the MSB bit of team number? (no reason 2008 has to be on channel 40)