Multiple Sidecars???

Hello all!
I was wondering…can we put multiple digital sidecars on the robot? And if so, how would we go about wiring it?

I believe you can, but I’ve never seen this clarified somewhere. If you were to do it, you would have to insert another 9403 module in the cRIO, either in the fourth slot of the four slot cRIO, or in the 6th? on the 8-slot c-RIO. Then you would have to run your ribbon cable just as you normally do, and you might have to reimage your cRIO?

Yeah I couldnt find it either. The rules mention sidecarS but it wasnt specified.

Yes, you can do this and you don’t have to reimage. The programming will have to specify the second DSC but the specifics depend on what you have chosen for doing your programming.

yes you can use multiple digital sidecars. not sure on the programming aspect of it but if you need that many sensors you can use multiple DS’s

Why do you need two sidecars? Are you out of PWN ports? You can use PWM Y-cables to split off to two different motor controllers, for 2 motors that need the same power (i.e. 2 Cims in a drive gearbox).

Just to make sure you already know about these, before you find the space for another sidecar.